Signature Cakes


Nearly Naked

A semi naked cake is where the cake layers peek through a thin veil of Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Gorgeous by itself or adorned with flowers or a cake topper (extra). 

Single color $3.25 per serving

6" Round  $62

8" Round $84

10" Round  $133


Simply Rustic

Textured buttercream adds depth and dimension. Becoming ever so popular, this  look is both classic and elegant. Flowers or cake topper not included.  Single color $3.25 per serving.


6" Round  $62

8" Round $84

10" Round  $133


Churro Cake

Who loves churros? This is my version of a churro in cake form.


Three generous layers of my Fragrant Almond cake with dark brown sugar and cinnamon swirled throughout the batter. Filled and frosted with my Cinnamon Mexican Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and topped with more cinnamon brown sugar and a caramel drip. 


6" Round $68

8" Round $90


Cookie Butter

Who loves Biscoff Cookies? I do! 

Three tender layers of my Warm Vanilla cake with delicious Biscoff Cookie Butter Buttercream, Biscoff Cookie crumbles and caramel sauce between each layer for a nice crunch. Filled and frosted in my Warm Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream then topped with a touch of caramel sauce, chocolate chips, Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt and more Biscoff cookie crumbles. 

6" Round $70

8" Round $95


Simply Celebrated

Celebrate with Swiss Meringue  Buttercream and festive sprinkles. 

Vanilla, Almond , White Wedding or Lemon: 

6" Round  $65

8" Round $85

Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl or Funfetti:

6" Round  $68

8" Round $88


Classy Lady

Draped in drips and edible pearls. What more can I say?

With or without buttercream swirls to adorn the top.


Vanilla, Almond, White Wedding or Lemon: 

6" Round  $65

8" Round $85

Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl or Funfetti:

6" Round  $68

8" Round $88

Magical Unicorn

3 generous layers of cake, torted and  filled with rainbow colored velvety Vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream. Glittery card stock horn and ears topper (in your choice of gold or silver), a colorful buttercream mane in your choice of 3 favorite colors, hand painted details, edible glitter (what's a Unicorn without glitter?) and a personalized paper banner on your cake board. ​

Warm Vanilla, Fragrant Almond or Decadent Dark Chocolate

6" Round $95

8" Round  $135

10" Round  $199

Woodland Birch

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is hand painted to resemble birch bark. To top this cake is a choice between single colored rosettes or a printed cake topper. This item can be personalized with a name and/or age in a heart.

6” Round $85

8” Round $115

10" Round $185 


Color Splash

Modern and festive! Buttercream is artfully applied using a palette knife to create texture and flow. Choose up to 3 complimentary colors. Personalized banner included.

6" Round  $85

8" Round $115

10" Round  $185

Catching Butterflies

Textured Ombré Swiss Meringue Buttercream sets the backdrop for this enchanted cake. Edible butterflies to enhance your color palette. Choice between little girl or little boy silhouette. Personalized banner included. 

6" Round  $78

8" Round $108

10" Round  $170


Ocean Waves

Blue Ombré Swiss Meringue Buttercream with fondant shark fin! If shark's aren't your thing, any ocean themed cake topper can be used instead (fish tail, surfboard, submarine, etc).

6" Round  $80

8" Round $110

10" Round  $175


Barrel of Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers! This Decadent Dark Chocolate Cake is filled with chocolate chips, frosted in creamy Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream then topped with MORE chocolate, candy and mini donuts!

Small liquor bottles may be added per request and must be supplied by customer. 

6" Round  $110

8" Round $150

10" Round  $235

Under The Sea

Ombré Swiss Meringue Buttercream with customized glittery cake topper and fondant shells. 

6" Round  $85

8" Round $120

10" Round  $190

Rustic Wreath

Semi Naked cake with a beautiful floral wreath and fondant message tag.  

Vanilla, Almond, White Wedding or Lemon: 

6" Round  $75

8" Round $95

Chocolate or Cinnamon Swirl

6" Round  $80

8" Round $100

In the Jungle

 Light green Swiss Meringue Buttercream with greenery, fondant leaves, fondant rocks, fondant number plaque and personalized printed banner included. Cake topper is extra - Any jungle animal or dinosaur figurine would be perfect!

6" Round  $80

8" Round $110

10" Round $175

Simply Layered

Organic texture is created with layers of Swiss Meringue buttercream. Elegant and modern.

6" Round  $72

8" Round $92