New York Style Bagels

Bagels for breakfast, bagels for lunch, bagels all day everyday! I absolutely love bagels but they must be GOOD. Freshly baked, yummy chewy texture, loaded with a shmear of your favorite cream cheese... OH MAN my mouth is watering!

Upon my search for an awesome bagel recipe I came across several but this one from the Sophisticated Gourmet really hit all the points I feel a great NY Style bagel should be. Can't beat the real thing but when we live nowhere NEAR New York the hunt for an awesome bagel began. One batch of dough makes 9 nice sized bagels but today I made 8. I use instant yeast (no proofing), let them rise again for 10 minutes after shaping/making the holes and boil them for the full 2 minutes on each side. Then loaded them up with fresh garlic, dried onion, sesame seeds and some rosemary to suit the taste preferences of my family. If you love bagels you're in for a real treat.

Original recipe posted by the Sophisticated Gourmet:

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